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Jun 29, 2010

be mine sayang ?

i'm afraid to said that ILOVEYOU , because i'm not sure that you love me or not , but when you said 'BABY! ILOVEYOU' i'm so happy dear and you always make me smile , then you bive me hope to me right ? but i think like hopeless hmm . i'm always miss you even you're not mine . you can get more perfect than me but i'm swear , i can give my heart only just for you . everydayyy i'm thinking of you , worried bout you but i don't know that you love me , miss and care bout me or not , i'm alwayys and always love you dear for a seconds , minutes , hours andd day by day , I NEED YOU BIE . can you be mine bluehippo f *love ?

lots of love , INTAN NUR SYAHEERA

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